onsdag den 4. januar 2012

A new year

I would like to start the new year, by showing you the reason I wanted to start photographing again. January last year I was told, I was going to be a Grandmother, wonderful news. As time went by, my daughter became more and more beautiful. A week before my wonderful granddaughet was born, we took the pictures of my daughter and her girlfriend. I love these pictures and the almost naked one became a large picture for their bedroom, for christmas.

Another christmas present was a photobook, with a lot of the pictures of the pregnancy and the pictures I have taken of the baby, what a fantastic product ( beautiful also).

My goal for 2012 is to become a much better photgrapher, using both natural light and also my studio light.

Have a nice day!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hej Lisbeth
    Flot blog, som du har fået.
    Sikke dog nogle lækre billeder

  2. Dearest sweet Lisbeth, congratz sweet friend! Your have such a beautiful space here and your photos are just gorgeous! I am loving these beautiful shots of your daughter and her girlfriend! Have a lovely merry happy first week of 2012! Love to you!